2018 Criteria

  1. Be a graduating senior.
  2. Have participated in an OHS band program for 4 years. (Including OHS band, Shadow Indoor Percussion, Winterguard or Shadow DBC.)
  3. Be accepted in a post high school education program with a music major for the $500 scholarship or any other major for the $250 scholarship.
  4. Award is payable upon proof of successful completion of one semester of post high school education.


2018 - Laura Cameron ($500), Chandler Rolfsmeyer, Charlie Rindy

2017 - Ben Lokuta ($500), Sam Miess, Robert Kohls
2016 - Nina LeBrun, Brendan Larson
2015 - Yanique Rowe, Stephanie Liechty
2014 - Brandi Pease ($500), Max Farness, Sam Cutter
2013 - Ava Wagner ($500), Doug Steinberg, Madeline Vogt